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About Me

I am Margoth Ayala, a local Houston artist who goes by White Rose Art Studio. I’m a Fine Arts major with a double minor in Arts and Arts Administration. I sell my paintings, mini canvas magnets, and key chains. I started by selling my paintings to people I’ve known for a while, and with my boyfriends help I was able to sell more paintings.


After selling several paintings, I began painting on mini canvas panels and crafted them into magnets. I then invested into supplies to create key chains. ​My mission is to create a name for myself in the Houston art community. I want people to be able to recognize my logo and know what I do. Selling my art makes me feel great because there are people who see something special about my work and sense an emotional connection.


I would really want to own a studio of my own eventually and teach art lessons.​ Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for supporting a Houston local artist!


  • 2019 / UHD Student Exhibition 2019 O'Kane Gallery First Place / Houston, TX


  • 2019 / UHD Student Exhibition 2019 O'Kane Gallery Technical Merit / Houston, TX

  • 2017/ UHD Student Exhibition 2017 O'Kane Gallery First Place in Painting / Houston, TX

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